Eco-Friendly Practices

Incorporating innovative “green” practices into your property’s maintenance procedures is increasingly important. This is so, not from merely a public relations or marketing perspective, but rather many of these practices can help your community save money in the long run by using resources more wisely and improving the quality of life within your community.

For instance, BlueStar Landscape’s use sophisticated computerized irrigation systems and weather monitoring stations allows us to maximize the efficiency of water use at your property. These systems work together to gauge weather and soil conditions in order to minimize evaporation and increase transpiration (uptake of the water by the plant), enabling us to apply the minimum amount of water required by the individual plants to maintain health. And thoughtful use of turf areas can benefit your community by helping to maintain runoff within the development, filtering contaminants from wastewater, controlling erosion and fighting the urban heat-island effect.

These practices enable BlueStar Landscape to help you control costs and increase the quality of life for your residents.